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Our whole universe is full of so many mysteries. Ever since humans started living at this place, they are collecting information about it. There is a thing in our universe that swallows everything that comes in its way. Yes friends, that dangerous thing is Black Hole. So, today we will read what is a black hole. How is it made. What are these types. How do scientists find out about it? What will happen when we fall.

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What is Black Hole

Black Hole is high density and mass object. In which if someone enters, then they cannot get out. It’s gravity is so high that even light cannot come out of it. It’s entire mass is at a point called central singularity point and the boundary line around it is called event of horizon. The black hole was first discovered in 1983 by John Mitchell, a professor at Cambridge University, UK. After this, in 1796, Pear Simon wrote about this in his book the system of the world.

According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the time of observer’s watch standing on the boundary of black hole will be slow. It is a fact of physics that time varies from universe to universe. The time on our earth will be faster or slower than the time in any other corner of the universe. This is called time delusion. Where the force of gravity is greater, time will be fast, and where the force of gravity is slow, time will be slow.

Formation of Black Hole

When planet or stars are formed, they are clouds of gas and dust. Which contains the most of hydrogen gas. Which are called Nebula. When the hydrogen inside them starts getting depleted or if they come in their last stage, then they get cold. When their mass is 1.5 times the mass of the sun, then their gravity increases so much that they cannot handle themselves and they have a blast called a supernova. If any density piece survives after a supernova, then its gravity becomes so high that it compresses itself so much that the critical limit is reached.

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How do scientists find out

  • These black holes, despite being impermeable, have the effect of gravity on the bodies, meteorites around them. So that these bodies move towards him. Which scientists find out to be a black holes.
  • Sometimes two or more stars or planet revolve around each other. There is an empty space between them, by which the scientists find the Black Holes.

How many types Black Hole are there-

Three types of black holes have been discovered in our universe-

  1. Stellar- The mass of this type of black hole can be a few times more than the mass of the Sun in our Solar System.
  2. Supermassive- The mass of this type of black hole can be millions of times greater than the mass of the Sun in our Solar System.
  3. Miniature- The mass of this type of black hole is less than the mass of the Sun in our Solar System.

What will happen when we fall

What if you accidentally fell into a black hole or got trapped around it? When this happens, there may be some things happens with you –

  1. Suppose you are near or inside the boundary of the Black Holes, then you will be drawn into it due to its effect. Then you will never be able to come out. According to Hawking’s radiation, you will become ashes before reaches inside.
  2. After coming to the Event of Horizon your body will have a gravitational effect. Due to which your body stretches, your body will become longer and wider. Which is sure to die.
  3. If you accidentally went inside the Black Holes, no one knows what will happen to you. Will any other world start or will you be stuck in a dark corner. Einstein called it a Happiest Thought. According to which you will keep falling without getting stuck, that means free fall.
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What will happen if two black holes meet?

By the way, it is difficult for two black holes to join together, because they are far away from each other. Let’s assume for one time, then two black holes together will form a supermassive black hole. Their influence will increase even more and they will swallow of everything that comes in their way.

Some other Points

  • The first discovered black hole in the universe was Cygnus X1. Which was discovered in 1972.
  • There is a black hole named Sagittarius A in our Milkyway Galaxy. Which was discovered in 1974 by Robert Brown and Bruce Balick. Which is 25,640 light years away from our earth.
  • The first supermassive black hole was photographed on 10 April 2019, which is located in the M87 Galaxy.

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