Baba Harbhajan Singh-Is Dead Solider Still On Duty?

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LAC border Nathula Sikkim, also has a army solider, Who is guarding the border of the country even after his death. Nathula is a part of Sikkim which is located near to the LAC border. From there, no one can enter the border of India at night. So let’s come to know what is truth, this is the story of Baba Harbhajan Singh-

How it started

Baba Harbhajan Singh was born on 30 August 1946 in Punjab. On 9 February 1966, he was recruited as a soldier in the Punjab Regiment of the Indian Army. He was serving in Sikkim on 4 October 1968 when he died. It happened that he slipped his foot off a cliff near Nathula Pass, East Sikkim, LAC Border, causing him to fall into a drain. The water flow was so high that they went away from there.

He was searched for some time but when he was not found, he was declared missing. After that he came in the dream of his friend Pritam Singh and told about his dead body. At first no one trusted his friend, But later when his body was found at exactly the same place, everyone started to trust him.

The tomb of Baba Harbhajan Singh has also been built at the same place. Where he died. His tomb remains a Holy pilgrimage. Where millions of people visit throughout the year. Keeping the attention of the devotees, his mausoleum was built 9 km below in 1982. It is believed that he had expressed his wish for tomb in the dream of a friend.

His tomb has now become the center of faith and it is believed. If you keep a bottle of water there, then in 21 days, such qualities come in, so that diseases are also cured. Baba’s tomb contains his shoes, clothes and cap. Whose army soldiers are security. Those army men say that they get mud on Baba’s shoes clothes get tight and their beds are scattered.

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Baba Harbhajan Singh still serve the country

In the flag meeting of India and China, a chair is left for Baba. Baba Harbhajan Singh protects the country at the LAC border at night. From time to time, they come in the dreams of the soldiers and warn about the plans of the soldiers of China.
Even Chinese soldiers have felt someone patting the horse on the LAC border. Baba has protected the country even after his death for 50 years

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Now Baba has been promoted to captain. The captain is given two months’ leave a year from 15 September to 15 November. His luggage is brought from Nathula to New Jalpaiguri railway station with the help of two soldiers with a year’s salary. Then from there their Punjab Amritsar Express is taken the ticket in that train is in Baba’s name. And then they leave their village in an army car and come and hand over their luggage to their mother. After the holiday is over, he is taken back to Nathula Sikkim, LAC border in the same way.

When the captain goes home on vacation, the entire LAC border remains on high alert.
Some people call it superstition. They filed a case against it in court. After which Baba's holiday was canceled and now Baba protects the country all the year.

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